Rockonomics: Cover update Part 3

First, review the old HPL covers here [link]

This is the practically untouched scan. The finished will be cleaner and the colours will be different. And then there will be other pleasures courtesy of Stewie and Taytay – just you wait and see! Oh well I guess I already spoiled that by posting this [link]

In case there’s any confusion, inside the head of the man is the head of a Yithian [link]


Other pics of Yithians for reference

One Reply to “Rockonomics: Cover update Part 3”

  1. I have an old CoC metal fig of a Yithian. It’s the Yithiest!

    Looks great, but it’s just packaging if the CD doesn’t deliver the goods, so finish mixing and start releasing!

    –michael (gibbering and meeping madly in the dark)

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