Dream A Little Crazy Dream

I have a habit of keeping my dictaphone near my bed so that I can record my crazy dreams when I wake up in the middle of the night. Usually when I listen back to it, it sounds like this:

Mrfle muf…uhhhh…annnd…uh..some kind of brfusmet…

But the other night I had a pretty good one, and here is the dictation not quite verbatim, but close:

The Alliance of Wizardry is made up of a bunch of wacky characters who find this magical tree and decide to hide stuff around it so that genuinely clever boys and girls can find interesting things and make their lives seem more interesting and wonderful. One of them is a gnome, another is a brownie, another is a clockwork baby changeling or something. Very Terry Pratchet/Neil Gaiman. One guy is a living period – the punctuation – and he gets the idea to get a hat so that he can
look like a question mark. Another guy urinates lightning. Thor?