Summer Blockbuster Spoilage

Remember this? It ran before 9/11.

I’m trying to figure out if the black costume in Spidey 3 is going to be from space. I’m betting it is. So it seems we’ve got three forces that Parker is up against – Sandman, Hobgoblin and the parasite costume/Venom. Too much for one movie? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t usually speculate on movies before I see them, but I was explaining to Joyous that in the comics J.Jonah Jameson’s son, who Mary Jane almost married in the second movie, became a some kind of werewolf, and that the parasite costume came from another planet/universe during the Secret Wars comic book miniseries. Now, I’d love to see a Secret Wars movie, though I’m sure it would be terrible, but I doubt very much that they’ll keep that origin for the black costume in Spidey 3. I’m guessing maybe JJ’s son brings it back from some space mission. But that’s just a guess. But the good news is that Dylan Baker reprises his role as Dr Connors (who we comic book fans all know becomes The Lizard) in the new film.

So anyway, here’s a shot from the Iron Man movie, which is interesting. I imagine it’s the first prototype in the storyline.


And here’s a shot from Transformers. I still don’t like how pointy they seem to be.


I just read that Sci Fi Channel is making a Flash Gordon TV series. I like that!

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  1. “I just read that Sci Fi Channel is making a Flash Gordon TV series. I like that!”

    22 hours of episodes, filming here starting May 1st. You gonna audition space boy?? Dare ya!

    Sci Fi films A LOT here, so make sure you get auditions!

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