In A Secret Location An Experiment Is Underway

Hi kids! Well I got an mpeg of the N.S.E.C.T.s commercial that I was in – and it’s pretty awesome. If anyone wants to see it, just give me your email address.

Weathertop gaming convention was this past weekend. It’s the first time I wasn’t really involved in the organization (but still was to a small extent), but nevertheless I was interviewed for a Vancouver Film School documentary project which was interesting. The question of nerdism and the oh-so-spooky occult aspects of D&D always come up in the media, and I am loathe to address the latter as it is complete bullshit. Like intelligent design. My response to the question “have you ever summoned any demons duing a D&D session” was “no, and believe I’ve tried. I’m pretty clever so if I can’t do it, the Christian fundamentalists can rest assured it’s impossible. So just relax. Go attack death metal, or better yet rap.” Well I’m paraphrasing. And, of course, of all of the normal looking, socially versed, contributing members of society that were at the con, they interviewed the kid who is known for eating his earwax at the table. I wish that were a joke.

Anyhoo, I went to the con to see if I could sell some games and Thickets merch, and I sold a bit but not much. It was an interesting experiment anyway, and not only did I get a little gaming and socializing in, but I also brought my comic book homework and made some good headway.

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  1. It would appear that you’re an international toy commercial star! I’ve just seen your ad in the last 2 ad breaks on the UK version of Toonami.

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