Poncho Chilla

After ten years in Vancouver I finally broke down and bought a rain poncho (at Camouflage). So watch out for that!

I had a dream last night that I organized a Slackademics class on sex, which was basically going to be a big orgy, and for some reason it was happening in a hotel, so it got mixed in with one of my recurring dreams which is raiding a hotel buffet or banquet. I was both intrigued and extremely nervous about the Slackademics workshop – needless to say it was the most attended class. The dream ended before anyone got their clothes off though.

I’ve watched five films in probably as many days. Cocoon was great. Children of Men was great, Letters from Iwo Jima was really good, Anchorman was good and funny, My Super Ex-Girlfriend was entertaining but mostly bad – fun to watch Eddie Izzard as the villainous mastermind, though.

Speaking of movies I got the game “Director’s Cut II,” a movie trivia game. I bought it at Salvation Army for 7 bucks, still in the wrapper. Every week or so Joyce and I have been going to Stephane & Sheri’s place and watching something with David Attenborough (I got my Life in the Undergrowth DVDs recently) and then playing games – usually Wii. I think next time we may have to play some Director’s Cut. Usually Joyce kicks my ass at games but we played Boggle last night and the tables were turned. TURNED I tell you! I spelled ‘peyote’ which was gratifying.