Here’s another example of how UPS sucks donkey balls. My architeuthis light switch covers were being sent from California on 5 day service. After 11 days had passed we got a tracking number and here’s the travelogue of the sweet sweet package:

  • From starting point in California
  • to second point in Cali – Sacramento I think.
  • There was a third point in Cali.
  • On to Beaverton Oregon
  • Then to Portland
  • Only one stop in Washington!
  • Hey, now it’s in Richmond — almost here!
  • Uh…Montreal? What?
  • Ontario?!?!?
  • Back to Vancouver.

Plus the $60 brokerage fee that UPS slapped on it…because it can. Never, ever use UPS if you can avoid it!

Nevertheless, they are finally here an in my hot little hands! And now you can, too. HERE IT IS.


Celebrate Global Architeuthis Day by throwing a light switch rave!

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