Mondays Will Be Like This For A While

This morning Brodie and I took the bus out to the institute where he teaches in Burnaby, for to be usink the studio. We recorded vocals for A Marine Biologist, Strange, No Way, and (We’re Gonna) Kill the Chupacabra (Tonight). And that wen’t reasonably well. Reminder to self: no more curry chicken wraps during the break. This cold weather is making things annoying re: runny nose. I don’t know if I have a miniscule cold or if it’s just the frigid weather causing me to over-mucousize. I couldn’t take photos because my battery was empty. But I’ll be going back there for the next couple of Mondays.

My Monday evenings are now taken up with the comic book production course, the first class of which I just got back from. The class is a little weird in that none of the four other students read comic books – I can’t fathom that. So Steve was going through the comics he brought and talking about styles and discussing different names that clearly they wouldn’t have heard of. Thank gord that so many comics have been turned into movies (Mike Mignola/Hellboy, Frank Miller/Sin City for starters) or they would have been completely lost. The course is being taught in a room full of animation work stations, so the drawing desks all have rotating light tables set into them, which is kind of annoying. But the important thing is that Steve knows his stuff and the course itinerary looks solid. So I’ll keep things updated for you, my loyal readers. All three of you.

Last night Joy-Joy and I went over to Sher-Sher and Steph-Steph’s and played some Wii on their big fat TV, which was great fun. We also had…pulled pork. And by ‘had’ I mean ‘ate.’ They have a slow cooker and it does wonderful things. Then we watched the “Ocean Deep” episode of BBC’s Planet Earth for which I’ve been waiting for some time. Joyce had it on her computer but there’s just no way that a computer monitor could do justice to the freaky monsters of the abyss the way that Sherane’s 40 incher can. I was gratified to see they included a bit on vampyroteuthis infernalis, AKA the vampire squid from hell!


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