Face Facts II

Joe (looking a little Hugh Jackson Wolverini in the second one):
copy-of-fulgham70.jpg copy-of-fulgham50.jpg

copy-of-fulgham37.jpg  copy-of-fulgham98.jpg

Graeme (looking a little piratey in number 3):

copy-of-graeme207.jpg copy-of-graeme-131.jpg
copy-of-graeme154.jpg  copy-of-graeme-147.jpg


copy-of-duncan251.jpg copy-of-duncan274.jpg

copy-of-duncan304.jpg copy-of-duncan330.jpg

One Reply to “Face Facts II”

  1. Joe is looking great, Graeme is cool in UniBomber Chic, Duncan needs a laxative! 🙂

    These are great fun!

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