Saturday Morning Cartoon Party 2007


(UPDATE 2018 – topic was Mind Games)

SMCP X: The Search for Frankenberry

General Mills Canada Inc doesn’t have a website, as such. And no emails to be found. But I called the sales office in Surrey and left a message. My mission: to have Frankenberry and Booberry at the SMCP. I’m thinking of having it either on Feb 24 or March 10. That gives me almost 2 months. If I don’t hear back from the company soon, it’s off to eBay for me. Last year there was quite a debacle over the stuff – it never made it over the border – but I’m willing to give it another shot if I have to.



  • Spider-Man “Menace from the Bottom of the World”
  • Tick vs Mole Men; Tick vs Filth
  • RGB Beneath These Streets
  • Big Guy “Wages of Fire”
  • Justice League Skartaris
  • BOTP (Battle of the Planets) Mission to Inner Space
  • Superman Fleischer “Underground World”
  • Samurai Jack and the Lava Monster
  • FF (Fantastic Four) Menace of the Mole Men
  • Futurama Leela’s Homeworld
  • Herculoids: Lost Dorgyte; the Mole Men;
  • Freakazoid! Sewer or Later
  • JL (Justice League) Chaos at the Earth’s Core
  • Superfriends: Battle at the Earth’s Core; Lava Men; Lord of Middle Earth;
  • Iron Man: The Moleman Strikes


  • Spider-Man “Vine”
  • Tick vs El Seed
  • RGB (Real Ghostbusters) Ghost Grows in Brooklyn
  • BTAS (Batman: The Animated Series) Pretty Poison
  • Botp: fierce flowers
  • PPG (Powerpuff Girls) Beat Your Greens
  • Galaxy Rangers: Marshmallow Trees
  • Frankenstein Jr: Unearthly Plant Creatures
  • Superfriends: Day of the Plant Creatures


  • TICK vs Dot and Neals wedding
  • Spider-Man “Birth of Microman”/The Madness of Mysterio
  • Transformers: Microbots
  • PPG nano of the north; toast of the town;
  • Herculoids Tiny World of Terror
  • ST (Star Trek Animated) Terratin Incident
  • FF Micro World of Doom
  • RGB short stuff
  • Futurama Anthology of Interest 1; Parasites Lost
  • Thundarr: City of Evil
  • Birdman Meets Reducto
  • Jonny Quest Terror Island
  • JL The Return
  • Superfriends: Journey to Inner Space; Garden of Doom; Case of the Shrinking Superfriends; Tiny World of Terror
  • RRH (Rocket Robin Hood) Little Little John
  • Hulk Micro-monsters
  • Gummi Bears: When You Wish Upon A Stone


  • Spider-Man “Night of the Villains”
  • Superfriends: Sinbad and the Space Pirates
  • RGB Sea Fright
  • PPG Mizzen in Action
  • Mighty Orbots “Raid on the Stellar Queen”
  • Herculoids “The Pirates”
  • RRH The Ghost Pirates
    Star Trek: The Pirates of Orion


  • Spider-Man “Fiddler on the Loose”
  • Galaxy Rangers: Rainmaker
  • BotP The Musical Mummy; Space Rock Concert!!!!;
  • Mighty Orbots: Magnetic Menace
  • PPG See Me Feel Me Gnomey
  • Clone High: Raisin the Stakes
  • Futurama: Hell is Other Robots
  • Transformers: Auto-Bop
  • Jem!
  • Superfriends: Rock and Roll Space Bandits


  • PPG speed demon; get back jojo
  • Big guy: patriot games
  • TICK Leonardo Da Vinci; Tick vs Prehistory
  • ST Counter Clock Incident
  • RGB Its About Time
  • Futurama Time Keeps on Slipping; Roswell that Ends Well;
  • Transformers: A Decepticon in King Arthur’s Court
  • BTAS Clock King; Time Out of Joint
  • Thundarr: Portal Into Time
  • Herculoids: Time Creatures
  • Freakazoid is History
  • JL Once and Future Thing
  • Superfriends: Elevator to Nowhere; Krypton Syndrome; Time Trap;
  • Superman: New Kids in Town
  • Rocket Robin Hood: The Time Machine


  • Tick vs Science
  • RGB Slimer is that You?
  • PPG los dos mojos; criss cross crisis
  • Big guy : bicameral mind
  • Galaxy Rangers: psychocrypt
  • Transformers: Traitor
  • BTAS Mad As A Hatter; scarecrow; Over the Edge
  • THUNDARR Harvest of Doom
  • Birdman: Mentor the Mind Taker
  • Herculoids: Ruler of the Reptons
  • Freakazoid: The Lobe
  • Superman: Two’s a Crowd
  • Gummi Bears: If I Were You


  • TICK vs Reno Nevada
  • RRH City Beneath the Seas
  • BotPlanets: Ghost Ship of Planet Mir; Sea Dragon; Curse of the Cuttlefish; Siege of the Squids
  • Transformers: Atlantis Arise!
  • Big Guy: Lower Depths
  • Galaxy Rangers: Progress
  • Samurai Jack: Jack Under the Sea
  • ST Ambergris Element
  • FF Danger in the Depths
  • Namor Sub-Mariner: any
  • RGB Devil in the Deep
  • Futurama The Deep South
  • Impossibles: Aquator
  • Jonny Quest Sea Haunt
  • JL Enemy Below
  • Superfriends: Return of Atlantis; Water Beast;Invasion of the Hydronoids
  • Gummi Bears: Zummi Makes It Hot


  • BOTP: Siege of the Squids; raid of the space octopus; tentacles from space;
  • JL Terror Beyond
  • PPG octi evil
  • RGB Collect Call of Cathulhu
  • Freakazoid! Statuesque
  • Superfriends: Attack of the Giant Squid
  • Superman: Unity


  • Transformers: Plague of Insecticons
  • BotP A Swarm of Robot Ants; Beast with a Sweet Tooth; The Alien Beetles; Ghostly Grasshopper; attack of the alien wasp; invasion of the locusts; Peril of the praying mantis; spectra space spider;
  • Tick Ants in Pants
  • Frankenstein Jr: Spyder Man
  • PPG Insect Inside
  • Venture Bros (any with Monarch); Incredible Mr Brisby
  • Futurama The Sting
  • Herculoids: Destroyer Ants; spider man;
  • Superfriends: Termites from Venus; Scorpio!; Coming of the Arthropods


  • BOTP Alien Bigfoot
  • BTAS Cape and Cowl Conspiracy; Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
  • Batman Beyond: Unmasked



  • PPG deja view;
  • RGB Flip Side
  • JL Legends; A Better World
  • Superfriends: Bizaro!!; Warpland; Universe of Evil!!!
  • Superman: Brave New Metropolis


  • Transformers: Heavy Metal War
  • Samurai Jack: Jack and the Smackback
  • Big Guy: The Champ
  • Galaxy Rangers….I forget
  • Superman TAS Speed Demons
  • Thor: Enter Hercules
  • Iron Man:
  • Real Ghostbusters: Ghostbuster of the Year
  • Clone High: Electric Blu Galoo
  • Thundarr: Challenge of the Wizards
  • Herculoids: Gladiators of Kyanite
  • Jonny Quest: Dragons of Ashida
  • JL Cat and the Canary
  • Superfriends: The Recruiter; the Final Challenge;
  • RRH: Robin versus the robot knight
  • Iron Man: If I Die Let It Be With Honor



  • BTAS Trial
  • FF



    • Harvey Birdman
    • Trial of the Superfriends
    • JL In Blackest Night
    • RRH Mystery of the Crown Jewels
    • The Venture Brothers: The Monarch on Trial


Feedback, comments, ideas all welcome!


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4 Replies to “Saturday Morning Cartoon Party 2007”

  1. Votes so far:

    Neal for pirates!

    David for pirates or mirror universes.

    Jon says music, and requests March 10 over Feb 24th.

    Amanda for tentacles or bugs! Harvey Birdman!
    Chris for Water…

    Stephane mentioned The Amazing Screw-On Head and Korgoth of Barbaria: it would be great to somehow get copies viewable on a DVD! I’ll work on that.

  2. All the themes look good, though I’d like to point out that there are a handful of EGBs that will fit nicely into a few of them – like the episode with the molepeople. Or the episode with the South American plant demon.

  3. James says “Time, Mind Games or Mirrored Universes are my favorite themes so far from the list”

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