Clausmas Gifts

What did I get for Hexmas? I’m glad you asked:

  • Fenders for my bicycle from Joyce
  • Gaming Miniatures from Bev ‘n’ Mike
  • A gift certificate for the ComicShop from Joyce which I used to get DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics
  • The complete set of Star Trek Animated on DVD from Chris
  • VHS cases from Joyce
  • Delicious chocolate espresso cake and candied grapefruit peel from Kelly
  • Superfriends blank journal from Stewie
  • A Green Lantern blank journal from Taytay
  • Stripey socks from Joyjoy
  • A Very Muppet Christmas DVD from Jaimee
  • Lemon-Lime Altoids from Jaimee
  • Play-Doh, Party Snaps, and sugar-free candy

and other stuff that I forgot maybe?

plus a whole day of almost uninterrupted lounging with Joy-Joy, including looking (and finding) crabs on the beach. That is not a euphemism.