After You Kill Somebody You Need to Recharge Your Soul Points

Killing for peace since 0 B.C.

For years, conservative groups and churches have been roundly criticizing video games for their increasing use of violence…But now the shoe is on the other foot, with the release of a new computer console contest called “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.”It takes place after millions of Christians have been transported to heaven. And it makes players recruit and convert an army of followers to do battle with the antichrist and his followers.

Those opposed to the product claim it promotes religious intolerance and violent behaviour in the name of a faith.

Critics are demanding Wal-Mart – which has previously removed games it claimed were offensive to family values – pull the product from its shelves. So far, the giant retailer has refused those requests, as this bizarre test of faith continues to rage.

That’s it, WalMart! After a few more of these we won’t stand for it!