Rockonomics Day Two

The bed tracks begin! We ended up completing the beds for most of the songs, we are officially ahead of schedule. And now, the visuals (sans audio):
Jordan, thinking I’m taking a snapshot rather than a movie, poses:

Guess what Warren is talking about and you could WIN a big prize package courtesy of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets!



Merrick plays bass guitar.


Brodie makes the noises nice.

To prevent Mario’s guitar noise from leaking into Jordan’s drum mics, it is covered with cozy blankies. It’s a rock fort, not to be confused with the cheese, roquefort.


Skids in the band.


Wise of whoever put that on. Because it’s no longer in print and it’s my favourite album of all time.

Last night I walked around looking to see what food sources were in the neighborhood, and I found an Indian place and grabbed a couple menus. I had planned today’s dinner fully 24 hours in advance. butterchicken77.JPG Butter chicken for everyone!


The studio is quiet now…until tomorrow!

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  1. My guess is that Warren is talking about some sort of British cuisine. Near the start he’s describing a serving size.

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