Rockonomics Day One

Okay, thanks to Joe I can now fix this entry!

Tonight we set up the drums for recording “bed tracks” tomorrow. Bed tracks are apparently drums often with bass and sometimes guitar. We’ll be recording a “scratch” vocal track as well, which means it is not the final vocal track. Mostly it will be so that we can perform the songs as we would at practice…so that everyone can hear everyone else, though we will all be in separate rooms (some with windows). Here is Mario rocking out in one such room. No, there is no sound for a very good reason. My camera phone has no mic.

And now, photos:


Mario plays the guitar

Jordan plays the drums. there are 15 mics on the drums.

There is beer on hand


Brodie mixes the stuff


El Candido.

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  1. Awesome stuff, T. Glad everything is finally shaping up to plan, especially after all the headaches that lead itself to this very week.

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