Grapplomacy: Diplomacy via grappling.

This is what happens when you get four men in their mid 30’s together on Wednesday nights to play D&D.

ps – for you locals who want to see Borat, it’s playing at the best little filmhouse in Vancouver, The Rio on Broadway. Speaking of Jack Black, I see he’s in a movie as the romantic interest of Kate Winslet. Weird!

You can’t kill the metal. BUT forces are trying to cripple the new Thickets album. What with the snow falling and the studio scheduling problems, unhappy things are happening with our recording window. Pray to your dark gods for us. Scads of moolah also accepted.

The good news is that the Middle Egyptian lyrics for our song “Nyarlathotep” are done! Mario freaked out when he read and heard them – I take that as a good sign.  AND THEN HE PUT HIS CIGARETTE ASHES IN MERRICK’S STILL VIABLE COFFEE.

5 Replies to “Grapplomacy”

  1. did Merrick complain about it for a long time?

    did Mario wander off and call his girlfriend?

    did Jordan pack up and go home because he could only watch ashes be flicked until 8pm?

    important questions that need answering!

  2. Don’t listen to Banks! as he can’t get past medium in Guitar Hero! Must be all the bangers and mash giving him chubby little fingers! Heeheee…

  3. Or it could be because Banks actually knows how to play guitar, and Guitar Hero is really nothing like playing guitar.

    Just saying is all.

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