Ballet is a Euphemism for Sex

Tonight I went to the Queen Elizabeth Theater for some freakin’ culture. Lani got free front row tickets to ballet! And it was entertaining at times. There were three different ballets actually, in one night – the climax was Rodeo and it was pretty good. There was even some tapdancing and of course, squaredancing. I think that one guy got into ballet just so he’d have an excuse to show off his tremendous package. Not that he was bad at the ballet dancing, like I would know a pirouette from some other thing.

One Reply to “Ballet is a Euphemism for Sex”

  1. I’m a fan of Ballet BC and have seen their last few shows, but had to miss this selection. I’m glad Lani dragged you out for some “package” appreciation.

    One of the things I love is all the little Ballerinas in the audience, all starry eyed, aching to be on the stage. It’s like at a Thickets shows, where all the dudes wanna be rock gods on stage like you! 🙂

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