Best Songs in the World

And by world I mean my computer.

Air: Kelly Watch the Stars
Akira Ifukube: Main Title (A Capella) King Kong
Artie Shaw: Concerto for Clarinet Part 1 & 2; Someone’s Rockin’ My Dreamboat
The Beatles: Across the Universe, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Lady Mondana
Beatsteaks: We Have to Figure It Out Tonight
Beck: Lazy Flies
Billy Joel: Movin’ Out; Don’t Ask Me Why; Goodnight Saigon
Billy May: Music to Watch Girls By; Mission: Impossible
Bjork: Isobel
Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; A National Acrobat; Sabbra Cadabra; Looking for Today
Cake: Meanwhile Rick James
Carter Burwell: Miller’s Crossing End Titles
Chick Webb: A-Tisket A-Tasket
Chixdigget: Spanish Fever, Born in Toulouse
CKY: Flesh Into Gear; Plastic Plan
Colin Hay: Maggie; Overkill
Desert Sessions: Nenada; Avon; A#1; Rickshaw; In My Head; Subcutaneous Phat
Dread Zeppelin: Hotdog
Duke Ellington: The Five O’Clock Whistle
Eagles of Death Metal: Speaking in Tongues; So Easy; Already Died
Elton John: Daniel
Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Prt 1; ; Do you Realize
Frank Patterson: Danny Boy
Glenn Miller: In the Mood; I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo; American Patrol
Hall & Oates: I Can’t Go For That
Harry Belafonte: Day-O
Heart: Barracuda
The Ink Spots: When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano; To Each His Own; Your Feet’s Too Big; With Plenty of Money and You; Maybe; Mama Don’tAllow
Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills
John Williams: Duel of the Fates;
Joseph LoDuca: Building the Deathcoaster; Army of Darkness End Titles
Leroy Anderson: The Typewriter
Leroy Holmes/The Muppets: Mah Na Mah Na
Louis Jordan: Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Mark Mothersbaugh: Hardest Geometry Problem in the World; Ping Island
Married to Music: Blame the Accident
Masters of Reality: Doraldina’s Prophecies; John Brown; Domino; Ants in the Kitchen; Bicycle; 100 Years of Tears in the Wind; T.U.S.A.; Rabbit One; The Moon in Your Pocket; Lover’s Sky; Brown House on the Green Road
Men At Work: It’s a Mistake
Metric: The Police and the Private; I.O.U.; Hustle Rose; Succexy; Combat Baby; Wet Blanket; Dead Disco
Millencolin: No Cigar
Monty Python: Money Song
Nomeansno: Brainless Wonder; Stocktaking; Big Dick; Rags and Bones; Oh No! Bruno
Basil Poulodouris: Anvil of Crom; Riddle of Steel; Thology; Mountain of Power Procession; Orgy/Kitchen
The Police: Does Everyone Stare; Too Much Information; Next to You; Truth Hits Everybody; Message in a Bottle; Regatta de Blanc
Postal Service: Such Great Heights
Propellerheads: History Repeating
Queens of the Stone Age: Infinity; Tangled Up In Plaid; Little Sister; I Never Came; Someone’s in the Wolf; The Blood is Love; Regular John; Avon; If Only; How to Handle a Rope; Mexicola; You Can’t Quit Me Baby; Give the Mule What He Wants; Monsters in the Parasol; You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar; No One Knows; First it Giveth; The Sky is Fallin; Go With the Flow; The Bronze
Quincy Jones: Soul Bossa Nova
Radio Head: Palo Alto; Paranoid Android; Let Down; Karma Police; No Surprises; Lucky; (Nice Dream))
Raymond Scott: Powerhouse; Toy Trumpet; Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals; Twilight in Turkey; The Penguin
Reggie and the Full Effect: Girl Why’d You Run Away; What the Hell is a Stipulation
Richard Cheese: Closer; Come Out and Play
S Satoh: Son of Godzilla – Kamakilas
Sesame Street: Capital I; Lowercase N
SNFU: Fate
Soggy Bottom Boys: I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow
Spider-Man 1969 TV show music
Spongebob Squarepants Closing Theme
Star Trek Fight Music
String Tribute to Tool: Sober
STYX: Mr Roboto
Supergrass: Moving; Born Again
Tenacious D: Tribute: Wonderboy: Kyle Quit; Friendship; Karate; Rock Your Socks; Master Exploder
Tom Waits: Jockey Full of Bourbon
Tony Martin: I Get Ideas
Weakerthans: My Favourite Chords
Ween: Mister Richard Smoker; Roses Are Free; Voodoo Lady; What Deaner Was Talkin About; Don’t Shit Where You Eat; Voodoo Lady; Transdermal Celebration; Chocolate Town; Gabrielle; Golden Eel; Cold Blows the Wind; Buckingham Green; Stay Forever;
Weezer: No One Else; Surf Wax America; Holiday; Island in the Sun
Wojciech Kilar: Hunters Prelude
Xavier Cugat: Say Si Si; Brazil; Hully Gully