Slackademics: Comicology

For a Comicology 101 Slackademics workshop and comic swap meet, what do you guys (who are interested in attending) think of these dates:

Thursday Nov 23 (eve)
Saturday Nov 25 (day or eve)
Wednesday Nov 29 (eve)
Friday Dec 1 (eve)

Where: my place

3 Replies to “Slackademics: Comicology”

  1. {Slackademics}

    My first preferences:
    Thursday evening. November 23rd.
    Friday evening: December (holy cow) 1st
    Wednesday evening: November 29th
    (not in any particular order…)

    Saturday is doable, but me last choice.
    And day would be better than evening.
    (I’d just have to hire a babysitter for the night.)


  2. I would be interested in coming to this but Wed, Nov. 29 is the only night I am in town


  3. Thursday Nov 23 (eve) YES
    Saturday Nov 25 (day or eve) MAYBE
    Wednesday Nov 29 (eve) YES
    Friday Dec 1 (eve) Not Likely

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