Hyperion Landscapes

I feel safe posting this because not only does my brother not read my blog, but he doesn’t have the internet. Can you imagine that? I mean, even your grandma has the internet.

Anyway, Merrick has a landscaping business in Chilliwack. Today at work I designed a simple logo and embroidered it onto a hat, as pictured below.


Pretty simple, but a lot of fun to do. My job is fun when I get to be creative. It’s not fun when I have to vacuum the floor or steam shirts. The other day Kenn asked me to make up a logo for the contracter who came to fix the mailbox slot. As a thank you gift we made him a shirt with his logo on it. I made eight different logos and boy is this ever boring for you to read about.

But hold on! Here’s a test run for an embroidered SPACECORP patch.


I think it’s keen. We actually have a ginormous tome of clipart so that I could put a rocketship on there just like the actual logo from the uh…TV series. But I just whipped this up on the stitching program and ran it out on the embroidery machine just to familiarize myself with the process so I can do it for others.

And here’s an example of the shirt I made using the DIGITAL GARMENT PRINTER – it’s cheaper than silkscreening especially if you have your image ready to go but it works best on white or very light coloured shirts. This is my rocktopus on a green t-shirt that is too dark to show the subtle colour variations on the octopus. And of course the yellow on the lightning bolts don’t stand out.


Close up:


Uh, so yeah – if you need to get anything screenprinted, embroidered or a DGP’d, just let me know. We’re at the corner of Oak and 15th. I get to walk home for lunch. You can bring in your own garments or we can supply them for you. Discounts will be involved.

3 Replies to “Hyperion Landscapes”

  1. I like that Hyperion hat.
    Simple and clear, and a nicely spaced font.

    I’m not bored reading about logos and design.
    Clip art is very useful.
    Clip art and text always equals a good time.

    After years of hand silkscreening,
    I can only imagine how a digital garment printer does it’s thing…

    You are in the modern world now.
    Go tentacles go.


  2. Space Corp patch is not bad, a little plain though. It needs the Space Age jazzing I think. I agree that the Rocktopus needs a little T for the real colour show.

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