Art at V-Con

So tomorrow is V-Con and I’m trying to figure out what to bring for the art show. I had some grand schemes of getting things framed but my heart just wasn’t in it. Frames! Frames are for suckers. So anyway I’m this very moment going through my files of original art that has been sitting in my file folder stagnating. I really have no idea what to charge for these things. I guess if nothing sells it means either I’m charging too much or it just plain sucks. At the very least people will see my stuff and I’ll have a whack of business cards. Oh yeah, self-promo, I forgot about you! AGAIN!

Here’s a really old one (’99 as you can see) that I dug up out of the files. Feng Shui the RPG is weird, I’m sure you’ll agree!


3 Replies to “Art at V-Con”

  1. Awesome picture, but something’s bothering me about it. The guy is facing to the side and a bit forward, as is his gun, but whatever’s shooting out is shrinking in width, not growing as it should be at that angle if it’s a steady stream or beam.

    I know it’s 7 years old and on paper so you can’t fix it, but just saying is all…

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