Chili Con Crazy

Today I was interviewed for the Victoria music magazine/paper Absolute Underground. When Kevin asked me earlier in the week where and when I would like to do the interview, I decided it would be serendipity to schedule it alongside the City of Vancouver/United Way Chili Cook-Off which took place today at noon at City Hall. It was kind of surreal–especially team “Detroit Rock Chili” (I wish I had my camera to capture the KISS costumes)–but not inappropriate for a Thickets interview. A lot of fun actually!

For those looking for a night of entertainment, may we recommend…? Scarface and/or The Illusionist at The Rio Theatre. It is after all my duty to plug the best theater in town. I watched The Illusionist with Joyce the other night and it really got me thinking about some interesting stories. I always liked the idea of a guy who gets his rocks doing inappropriate impersonations. Like an actor who is studying for a role as a spy, so he starts doing things like dressing up as maintenance staff to get into secure buildings for no other reason to see if he can do it. He goes too far, gets caught, and then the government hires him to be a real spy. Maybe this story has already been done…a few times. Anyway I digress. The Illusionist reminded me of this sort of thing and it also reminded me of Call of Cthulhu (the game). The period and atmosphere were excellent. I was suprised by Rufus Sewell’s performance, it was good. Paul Giamatti is always good. Edward Norton actually didn’t have much to do in terms of acting. But, a strong film, especially the first 3/4. I’d give it 7.4/10.
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