Lani's Looking Out For All of Us

You are receiving this mail because you seem likely to be interested in signing on for wacky and questionable enterprises. Improv Everywhere is a group that does stunts/pranks/performance art in public places in New York, like staging a repeating time loop in starbucks. See their mission page: . I recommend starting with Moebius and Slo-Mo Home Depot.

Chapters are springing up in other cities, and there are some people interested in starting up one for Vancouver. There is a board that you can sign on to in order to get more info here:

If you are interested, and also if you know people who might be interested, a meetup is being organized for Saturday Oct 21st at the Starbucks in Station Square BBY near the Red Robin at 2pm.

My favourites are Anton Chekov and the Cell Phone Symphony, not to mention No Pants.