Oh Yeah, I Took Down the X-Men Art

Kind of bad form to ask permission AFTER I post his artwork, but here’s the response:
Toren, I’m afraid I cannot condone or support anyone downloading material or images from my site (which is declared on the homepage)– because there are those who print off and ink the pencil pages to use as art samples– Or worse still attempt to sell their inked copies as originals. I have actually stated elsewhere that if the problem persists I will have to discontinue my site. I realise you are not trying to make profit and I am sorry I cannot be more accommodating but there are those who use any compromise as the ‘thin end of the wedge’.
Naturally I took down the post, and I was happy to do so, and I understand his reasoning completely. It’s amazing to me that there are people who are bold (and pricks) enough to pretend someone else’s artwork is theirs, and to try to SELL it as originals! They’re ruining it for the rest of us! At any rate, here is Alan’s site again. It’s a valuable resource for someone studying to do comic art, like me, because he talks about how he works, and shows his work, including stuff he wasn’t happy with and why. Such as his work on Justice League: Another Nail –  http://www.alandavis-comicart.com/NAIL-TPB.html

One Reply to “Oh Yeah, I Took Down the X-Men Art”

  1. While it’s understandable, there are certainly ways he can allow the good guys to show off their inked artwork. It should be enough to require that anyone showing off the art must include text over top of it saying “pencil art from alandavis-comicart.com”.

    While he’s within his rights to threaten to take down his site of the problem persists, doing so wouldn’t stop it. As Joe Rogan said on NewsRadio “you can’t take something off the Internet. That’s like taking the pee out of a swimming pool!”

    It’s far better to work with the net and support free sharing of ideas. You can still do this while cracking down on those who try to make a buck off your own work.

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