My Nickel!

We go through a lot of pop bottles and cans at our domicile. Being a good recyclist, and usually buying my groceries one day at a time, and enjoying solidarity in the hobo community, I usually bring a bag of them (bottles, not hobos) to the Sunshine Market when I visit them 15 minutes before they close (and it’s impossible to get any produce because they’ve stowed it away in the back room by that point). Can someone tell me why the “thank you come again” lady keeps giving me flack for bringing back empties from brands they don’t sell? I mean we’re not talking wine bottles here, but I thought that a few years back when they reworked the pricing structure so that the 2L bottles became 10c instead of 25c, part of the deal whas that the brands didn’t matter–all merchants were obligated to take Pepsi, Coke, President’s Choice…whatever. Was that just something that I made up in my head? I never fight her when she refused to give me my nickels, but if she’s actually disobeying the….let’s say covenant because that sounds ironic with bottle deposits…then I’m going to start ‘sampling’ a lot more grapes there.

4 Replies to “My Nickel!”

  1. Since you’re not exactly poor … why not simply leave all your empties in the alley, next to the dumpster, so that the homeless fellows can collect them. You’re recycling and doing a good deed at the same time.

  2. Ya I thimk your mind is playing tricks on you…The guys at 711 will only take what they sell back…but Safeway or a big food store will take them all back.

  3. They’ve always been pretty fussy about brands, although Thrifty Foods over on the island doesn’t give a good goddamn and they pretty much let you count your own shit if they’re busy.

    I guess that doesn’t help you very much, though.

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