An Open Letter to Independent Record Stores

Look, I’m a fan of independent business. I really am. I set foot in a WalMart if I’ve been feeling overly sanguine and need a reality check. So I am willing to pay that extra $5 so you can put your vegan pot brownies in your holier-than-thou hipster hole. But if you’re not going to have the common clemency to stock Tenacious D, then we are done. I’d love to stay and chat, but I hear my mommy calling, and by mommy I mean

2 Replies to “An Open Letter to Independent Record Stores”

  1. I know that when I wanted to buy the Tenacious D DVD, Rogers didn’t stock it at all! But across the street I hit Blockbusters, never really expecting that bastion of American censorship to have it, and lo and behold they had THREE copies! Huzzah!

  2. Really! Interesting. I don’t shop at Blockbusters for many reasons. The bastion as you pointed out, but also due to their “no more late fees” fiasco from a little while back, you may recall.

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