It's a Little Meteor

Last night I went out with Lani, Selina, and some other people I met for the first time (except for Jules) to see the Perseid meteor shower. First we went to the beach where I continued my current kids book art job while dogs kicked sand in my face (the bullies) and I skipped stones across the ocean. All the way across. Then we went for gelato at Bellagios where our cold treat came in a miniature cooler with miniature shovels that made us seem like we were giants digging into tubs and tubs worth of ice cream.

toast scooped.jpg

A bit of losing at Pictionary, a bit of waiting around for people, and we were soon driving up to Squamish fruitlessly as there was way too much cloud cover and moon illumination for us to see any meteors, so we just went to the beach again and tried to hit a dock with rocks.


By 4am, we decided we were hungry. And, as Lani put it, you can’t pass The Naam at 4am when you’re hungry and not go in. I had the best mean I’ve had in a very long time – we split cheesed fries with miso gravy, pita and humous a la something yummy, and three kinds of desert (cheesecake, pecan pie, ginger caramel chocolate cake). So satisfying!

And here for the readers of my blog who have no interest in how I spent the last 24 hours, here’s a link to some awesome Star Trek Inspiration Posters. My favourites are NOMAD and TANTALUS

toast diplomacy.jpg