I Hates Meeses to Pieces

My new optical mouse ‘jumps’ every once in a while to the corner of the screen. Is this a habit of all optical mouses or is mine defective? It’s very frustrating and makes it impossible to do anything in Photoslop.
Signed, Frustrated and unable to do anything in Photoshop

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  1. It’s a glitch in a lot of optical mice – hence why most computer art wonks move to a tablet as soon as thier patience runs out.

  2. Make sure that the surface you’re running the mouse over has no reflection and sufficient “busyness” so the laser can tell where the mouse is being moved.

  3. The Koala is cute – did anyone else get the “H” joke on the laptop? Because I did.

    hint: Sesame Street

  4. I’ve had a wireless Optical for about two years now and the only time I ever get any kind of ‘jumpiness’ is when there is a bit of schmutz caught by the sensor. A quick puff of breath solves the problem. Also, yes…simply pony up the bucks and get a something like a Wacom 405 tablet…it’s not stupidly expensive and although the ‘window’ is only 9cm X 13cm it does wonders for ‘slopping’.

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