Pluck That Violin!

I have a real post coming up, but no time for it right now. Scanning in all these photos takes time. If you really want something to look at, here’s something incredibly freaky (Worksafe – but don’t look at this while you’re eating):

No, it’s not a big white tree – look closer.

AKA Where have all the birds gone? AKA The next Hollywood horror flick AKA be careful where you park your bike.

5 Replies to “Pluck That Violin!”

  1. ps – I ordered 3 extra giant squid lightswitches so if you’re interested in buying one let me know.

  2. Jesus, man! It’s like Kingdom of the Spiders! I wonder how long that bike was parked next to that light pole. We used to have silkworms in one of our trees, but NEVER like that! The craziest picture is the one of them working together to make a “rope” to climb down on. UGH!

  3. Whee! Tent caterpillars!

    I remember growing up as a kid in North Bay and having tent caterpillars like that. Not quite covering the whole tree/bike, but having huge nests in trees and when they hatch, not being able to walk around without killing hundreds of them.

    Ah. Childhood memories.

    Now I have to go take a shower to get my skin to stop crawling.

  4. It’s like one of those extreme close up pictures where you have to guess what it is and they slowly pull back, only in reverse, and with gross results.

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