September is Next

I hate to be a downer, but Autumn (or “Fall” as the kids like to say) is only two months away. And then comes winter, but the least said about that the better. I’m already starting to think of the fun indoor activities that nobody comes to in the summer because all you bastards are too busy playing volleyball or god knows what else. Movie nights (by vote? by theme? by decade) or Cartoon nights (by vote? by etc etc), more gaming nights, and new RPG campaigns to be had. Slackademics Gone Wild! It’s an exciting time. And don’t forget that Zombie Walk or Beach Party or something is coming up this month. And H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party. In the meantime, I want to play badminton with you…bastards.

4 Replies to “September is Next”

  1. Winter, what’s that, we don’t do winter, it’s half way to Mexico time. Start packing.
    See you soon. hugs.

  2. ps, have you seen on the “Vision” channel advertisements for the new program “Corporations”, Chris’ painting appears in the ad. Hope he’s getting royalties.

  3. If you’re talking about the film documentary “The Corporation” I saw it in the theater and then rewatched on DVD. It came out a couple years back now.

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