Sworded by the Stars

I love Stewie my roomie like El Guapo so I will post something here that is important to everyone in this household:

Hello all,

The last three years of my life have been tied up making a video game – and after all that time, it’s finally about to come out.
If you’re interested, please follow the link where you can have a look at the demo. If you’re not interested, then I have a favour – follow the link anyhow. The response to the demo has been huge and positive, but we are at odds with the fans of another game. I’ve always chuckled at that sort of thing when Star Trek fans did it to Star Wars fans and all that, but now I’m on the other end of it – who’s laughing now!?

So, even if you wouldn’t mind following the link and adding your vote for the game – even if you’re not into strategy games, think of it as voting for me.


Thanks everyone.


But in accordance with the Blogger Code I must also warn you that if you are like me and want to actually look at the demo you will have to register on the site, confirm via email, be asked to subscribe for a fee, get confused about how to actually download the file without subscribing, be told that there is an error because you don’t have Internet Explorer on your system, that you will have to wait 25 minutes for your download to begin because you are NOT a subscriber, and then give up, slightly miffed for wasting time to register on the site in the first place. No fault of Stewie’s of course. I support his game, but there are only so many hoops to jump through before my big feet get snagged. I think you can rate the game without having to jump through any of said hoops though. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh and I did voices for the game in case you didn’t know.

ADDENDUM: I actually did wait for the 25 minutes and downloaded the game with no problem, and launched and played with no problem! Pretty neat stuff – I even got in a battle.

6 Replies to “Sworded by the Stars”

  1. It was to be 29 minutes for me and I decided to do a tour of South America instead. Shorter committment!

    I’ll snag it tonight and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve heard it has replaced Brad and Angelina as the hot new thing. I’m sure your voice work had nothing to do with that…

  2. I think the first problem with the game is that it is called “Sword of the Stars”. It sounds like game title by committee.

    The gameplay seems okay, though nothing particularly original. But the name … this is not going to flying off the shelves.

  3. The point is we can all support SotS and those people who are helping to create quality art and entertainment (i.e. my good pal Stewie) by voting for it on that site.

  4. But I’m not convinced it is either quality art or entertainment. It strikes me as just another space game, slightly different from others of its ilk, but not different enough to really grab the short hairs. And it has the dubious distinction of being saddled with a really poor name

    But you’re right T. I voted. No skin off my back either way, and if it helps to sell a few more copies, then more power to the developers.

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