Relax, It's Just A Time-Waster

Warren, in a previous comment on this very blog, pointed me at Project Rooftop, which I will here describe so that you’re not obliged to click the link (though you probably will after the description): cartoonists and illustrators redesign the costumes of classic (and otherwise) superheroes and villains. Some of them don’t have much of an appreciable gap between what is presented on the site and what you could expect from a given issue of the comic in question, while others are remarkably unique (Rogue and Iron Man, for example). Some, even though the costume designs aren’t strikingly new, are still great pieces of art.

I considered submitting something, and if I do get around to a finished product, it would be a sort of “What if Captain Carrot existed in my superhero world of Power Enterprise.” Well I took a stab at it today at work and here are the roughs.



Oh and I added Red Rover and Doctor Gnucleus to the WWFJ post.

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  1. I like it! Maybe a double row of buttons like the old double breasted shirts would work better, but it really doesn’t matter. Well done!


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