Who's Scruffy-Looking?


As promised, here are some samples of Sam Dulmage’s fine photography of me. These are for my headshots. I will be using more than one (one tough guy me, one businessy me, and one regular me). If you want to do me a favour you could have a look at them and tell me if any stick out in either a good or a bad way.

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  1. From the course I took (and other reading I’ve done) I’ve learned that your headshot should look as much like you as possible — don’t choose ones to make yourself look like a part, choose the ones that best represent you so when someone sees it and says “bring that guy in” they don’t get disappointed when someone else shows up.

    It’s hard to say which of these best represent “Toren” though. But “BW19” is definitely not you, nor are: BW17, slide12, 36, or 31 (that’s not the Toren smile I know — 23 is!)

    Oh, I think 10.jpg is the one that leaps out at me as “Toren”.

  2. Well, the photos of you in the suits and the button down shirt with the pseudo combed hair … those seem a little odd (except 20.jpg and 06.jpg which are both quite good).

    Scruffy Toren always works best, and the others not so much but for the exceptions noted above.

  3. Well the agent specifically asked for several different looks – hence the rough & tumble jacket and the tie. But I know what you’re sayin’.

  4. i can’t say which one is the best but i can tell you which one i think is the lamest. don’t use the black and white one where you are kneeling. it certainly doesn’t look “toren” to me.

  5. (1 of 27) BW32.jpg is great and looks like you.
    (3 of 27) BW36 is good, if a bit slumpy.
    (9 of 27) slide13 is really good, and nice complexion!
    (12 of 27) slide7 makes your head look huge, which is apparently a good thing in the biz.
    (20 of 27) 21 is pretty good, and makes you look sensitive in a good way.
    (24 of 27) 06 is really good – Tigger is right.

    ROTFLMAO at (7 of 27) BW19 – it’s not bad, but it’s hilarious!

    (4 of 27) BW25 is awful – bad hair, bad lighting, bad background
    -just so you don’t get cocky 😉

    Make sure you choose pictures without “glasses glare”, and look out for some of them making your eyes look all squinchy or brow too frowny. Overall, not a bad shoot.

  6. Hmmm, most of these look like guys I try not to sit near on buses.

    I like 5, 10 and 23. They look like the Toren I know who tries to get me to leave when I drop by! Heeheee…

  7. Don’t listen to anyone, they’re all great.

    Casting directors don’t give a shit about the real you anyway. They want a certain look, so the greater the range you offer the better.

    It’s the ENTERTAINMENT industry after all! They want fake! They look professional and any one of them would be awesome.

    I’m done.

  8. Don’t listen to Woods! He’s an artist and they are always strung out on goof balls or some such. I on the other hand am a middle management corporate flunky so I think I know a thing or three about the Entertainment industry. The casting couch is your best bet, honest! Come on, make the kissy face for the camera….

  9. Oh if only that were true Chris. Casting directors want actors to have to act as little as possible. They try to hire people who look like the roles so there’s less worry about whether or not they can “pull it off”.

    Later, after you have experience and a bit of a name, you get the chance to show your range.

  10. Oddly enough, the image that you chose for the thread actually strikes me as one of the best (if not the best) of the lot (That being 14 of 27). This is coming from someone who knows you from a hole in the ground.

    If I had to pick a shirt and tie variant (which I wouldn’t) the last one seems to work…that being 21 of 27. While just-with-a-shirt guy the vote goes for 23 of 27. In the world of Black and White it’s a toss-up between 1 and 6.

    Lose 7 and 8 (kneeling and leaning guy) as they are doing nothing for the set.

  11. slides 3, 7 and 13 = real good; slides 5 and 11 = not so good.
    a b+w suit shot with your hands showing conjures up a wider range of roles.
    color, suit, no glasses = tv sitcom gay attorney. use 23 cause you gotta show your teeth.
    button shirt 06 is good because you smile slightly.

  12. If I was a casting director I’d want to see you without the glasses (you can always put glasses on someone, even if they don’t need them). I’d also want to see your eyes, so the pictures where it was so bright you had to squint aren’t great.

    I’m partial to 17 of 27, if you can get a head shot out of it…that suit doesn’t photograph well at all. The second-best is the one you put above.

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