Okay, who thinks that “Superchthonic” should be the name of the next Thickets album? Because I do. It works on so many levels. Supersonic. Sonic=sound. Chthonic = the underworld.


ps it’s pronounced ‘SOO pur THAW nik’

6 Replies to “Superchthonic”

  1. it sounds like one of those bi-lines they put on films and records in the early days. hear the thickets in superchthonic! plus it reminds me of cthulhuriffomania.

    i think we can do better.

  2. I think it sounds a little gay, but you run into that with anything that sounds remotely lisp-y. It is witty, though – my kind of pun-tacular humour, which might not be the best thing for your careers…

  3. To close to Superchunk name. Not bad, but as Banks! said, you can do better. Cute drawing!

  4. The great race guitarist image is doing it for me more than the proposed title. ‘Cutesy’ invokation of Lovecraftian flavour is just too much of a stretch for my fragile little mind tho.

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