Venture Bros + Rocket Robin Hood

I bought the 3rd season of Superman: The Animated Series and the first season of The Venture Bros on DVD this week. The Venture Brothers is really damn good. My only complaint is that it could use just a bit better animation, and a few more actors on the voiceover roster.

I also received the very last two episodes of Rocket Robin Hood that I needed to make my collection complete. These two were, to quote a trader friend of mine, the Holy Grail for RRH collectors, and I got them from some guy who emailed me out of the blue! So that makes me happy. RRH takes a lot of flack, and it does have the crappiest animation ever, and extremely spotty writing, but the characters are solid and it’s generally pretty fun.

I got my hair cut to day by Mr Ranger, who’s no stranger to danger. He really enjoyed Hypnopotamus. I showed him my three newest drawings (which you can see in the usual place) for Elephantom, Micronewt and Dark Horse. I also thought of some new ones. Vote now!

Warhog (like Warthog but without the T)

Komodo Dragonfly

Uberbite (German Shepherd, of course)


Datalynx or Weblynx (or The Missing Lynx?)
Red Rover (yeah I don’t know either, I just like it for some reason).

Karate Kid (a goat of course)

The Platinum Marmoset (the joke here being that there really is such a thing as a golden marmoset, but platinum is superior)

Cardinal Sin (yes, the bird)

Grisly Bear

I wonder if there’s some sort of grant out there that would pay for me to write and draw a WWFJ comic book. I’ll have to look into that. Maybe I’d have to throw in a beaver as the main character for Canadian content. I don’t know what his name or powers would be, but his secret base would be The Beaver Lodge.

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  1. I loved RRH as a kid. Yes, crappiest animation ever … but I loved the serialized nature of it.

    Eager Beaver? Not sure what his powers would be though. Or perhaps Shaved Beaver (shaved head, monk-like powers). Haha.

    There must be some independent publishers in Canada? Look into them, but put together a complete comic first. Hell, even some of the independents in the States.

    Or you could go it alone … but that’ll cost an arm and a leg … and you’ll have to go tour the convention circuit.

  2. Perhaps convince Stewie, that after they’re finished Sword of the Stars, that their next game should be WWFJ. And they can give you a grant to do a 12 part marketing comicbook (you of course retain full rights to the property on comicbook form). And afterwards, maybe it’ll fledge itself into something fulltime with a larger publisher.


    Some are info sites, but grants and funding are mixed in there as well.

    The trick is that there is no one grant made with comics in mind, but there are a few that comics could fit into (like publishing a comic won’t get funding, but funding to distribute, or for you to travel promoting the comic is possible.) There are numerous funds for anything online related, if you can figure out that hook.

    And Canadian Culture is key, so I’d recommend that you start adding to the character pile, using animals unique to Canada – and spread ’em around. The more the stories can feature all of Canada the better. Maybe make the beaver the head of a SHIELD-like, cross Canada group, that interacts with the other animals, and uses them as operatives. Or such like.

    I’m getting to be an old-hand at writing up these proposals, so I’m happy to help – but find the funds you want to apply to now. Some have deadlines and most all of them have their budgets spent for the year by the end of the summer, so there’s no time like the present to start applying.

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