Su – the Element of Surprise

What happens when you mix thorium, oxygen, rhenium and nitrogen? You get ThOReN, which is as close as you can get to my name by using the symbols from the periodic table of elements. I wonder what that terrible concoction would look and smell like, and what other properties it would have? Thorium is a metallic actinoid, “a source of nuclear power. There is probably more untapped energy available from thorium in the mineral’s of the earth’s crust than from combined uranium and fossil fuels.” It’s named for the god Thor is found in thorite and thorianite in New England. I’m off to a good start. Oxygen, obvious. Rhenium is another metal, with a density “exceeded only by that of platinum, iridium and osmium” and a melting point exceeded only by tungsten and carbon. Nitrogen, again, obvious. I went through my phone list and here are some others. Basically, if your name starts with a J, you are out of luck until they find some more elements.

Boron, Oxygen, Boron (B2O?) – BOB

Neon, Aluminum – NeAl

Sulfur, Americium — SAm

Lanthium, Nickel—LaNi

Taylor comes close with TaYLr (Tantalum, Yttrium, Lawrencium). I think everyone whose name creates a compound should get a sample of that compound free from either the government or the scientific community.

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  1. Hello Toren,

    First let me say that I’m not a complete stranger, I met you years ago through Kier-la. I found your blog randomly while searching for mahjong classes in Vancouver.

    Now my reason for writing you…
    I’m interested in the slackademics project in 2 ways. First, I work at a seniors’ centre and I’m always looking for people to teach interesting workshops for small fees. Second, I’m interested in participating in some of the offerings.

    Perhaps we can start an email conversation about this?

    Sara ()

  2. Toren, you might wanna remove Sara’s email address before the spam trolls get too happy with it…

  3. Damn. There is no way to do my name….
    The closest I can get is – Phosphorus, Gold and Lithium.
    But if you say my name that way, I have to join the mob and buy a shiny suit. 😛

  4. Hooray!

    1) I can now view your blog from England.

    2) I can spell my name with the elements.

    Tungsten + Argon + Rhenium + Nitrogen
    W + Ar + Re + N

  5. 2. A deadly witch’s brew!

    1. Fantastic – did you ever find out why there was trouble?

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