Slackademics – The Ball Will Roll

I’m going to send this email out later today, but here’s a head start for my blog readers. Feel free to comment.

Yeah, school is okay, but there’s another way to learn things. People I know have lots of skills. They are willing to share them, and they want to learn new ones, and nobody has to spend any money–just a little time. So I am putting together Slackademics Vancouver. Every week or two, a few of us get together. Someone is designated the “teacher” for the evening/day. Whatever is in demand and is available. In trying to get the first session off the ground, I’d like to find out: Who’s interested in participating
Who’s willing to teach
What your skills are
What you want to learn

To kickstart the procedure, I’ve compiled a list of some skills and spheres of knowledge. If you are interested in participating, please indicate what skills you are willing to teach, and what skills you are interested in learning. Note that this is for people in and around Vancouver BC.

Guitar, piano, other instrument; read music; drawing; painting; knitting; language (Mandarin, Cantonese, German…); tennis; culture jamming; screen printing; art history; writing; grammar; cooking; hairdressing; bike repair; miniature painting; nutrition; optimizing computer; exercise/personal training; building a web site; flash; photoshop/other programs; first aid; investing/finances; yoga; tai chi; gardening; woodworking; plumbing; job hunting; acting; vocal training; mediation; marine biology; running a business; counseling; photography; animation; dance; filmmaking; origami; stained glass; jewelry making; sculpting; airbrushing; astronomy; tattoo; time management; auto mechanics; floristry; electronics; graphic design; wiring; health; sound engineering; poetry/songwriting; art history; music history; other (describe!)

Additionally, if you’ve taken any college/university courses, please consider sharing your knowledge on the subjects.

I’m trying to figure out how best to manage this, so please let me know if you have a preference as to how you’d like to be contacted/not contacted. Do you prefer email only? A yahoogroup? LiveJournal community? Myspace forums? Google group?

For now, you can just email me at

3 Replies to “Slackademics – The Ball Will Roll”

  1. Hey Toren

    I can teach cooking (either savory or desserts) and chocolate making (duh).

    I can probably get my sister (the origami artist) in from Salt Spring to teach origami.

    Paul can probably teach something on minature painting and photoshop (although you’d have to ask him).

    I’d love to learn knitting, screen printing, yoga, tai chi, stained glass, and auto mechanics.


  2. The slackademics concept is brilliant. Everyone has something they’re into and it’s always encouraging when you share something you’re passionate about.

    I might see if I can drum up interest in a Slackademics Glasgow…

  3. That’s a super concept! You should put in a “no m.l.m.” disclaimer though. 😉 Orelse it will always be about learning how to work for yourself selling Amway. HEH! Not that there’s anything wrong with Amway! As a matter of fact, I’d be happy to come over and talk to you all about making some extra cash in your spare time….ERP!

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