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How come nobody told me that Nicolas Cage would be playing Ghost Rider? It’s a good thing I’m not a GR fan, or I’d have an opinion.

There’s a new Superman Returns trailer as of a few days ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve cared enough about a movie that I don’t want to be “spoiled.” Star Wars 2 — and look where that got me. You can’t tell apricot 1 about a movie based on a trailer, these days. Scratch that, actually: trailers try to make bad movies look good, and when a trailer makes a movie look bad you know it’s gotta be awful. However, before X-Men The Last Stand they played a trailer for a movie which was refreshing. Instead of showing tiny cuts interspersed with 3 seconds of mood music and records scratching, they showed a scene from the film. You got a good sense of the characters and the story. It doesn’t really look like my kind of movie (something about being a fashion editor for a magazine) but I really admire the choice to present a trailer that way. I have an idea about what the movie’s going to be like! Wow! Who would have thought? Anyway, the more I see of the Superman Returns trailer, the more interested I am to see it. But now I must go and watch Big Fish for the very first time.

PS – June is birthday month!

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  1. So did you love Big Fish or what? I thought it was beautiful. Sorry no one told you about Nick Cage… I think we were all afraid of the Wrath of Toren’s Opinion!

  2. I would have thought you would have known about the Nick Cage thing. Maybe they’re going broody for GH rather that uh, fiery. We’ll see.
    The trailer you’re talking about is The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep and I totally agree. The whole “play a scene from the film” totally worked. I’m dead curious about the film now and I know jack about it.
    Trailers that show the whole film really get up my nose.
    The Superman 2 trailers are having the opposite effect on me. It’s going to be the Kevin Spacey show. Lois Lane a single mom? I can roll with it but it looks a little silly. The effects are going to be awesome and I’ll still be there opening night but my fingers are crossed. I hope I get to eat my words. We could use a good superman movie. XMen 3 didn’t totally suck but I do wonder what kind of movie it would have been had Singer stayed to do the trilogy. Superman better be good, that’s all I can say.

  3. Totally agreed on that trailer. It was for “The Devil Wears Prada” and I have to admit that it was far more intriguing that the “in a world…” or “she’s an ordinary girl… about to lead… an extraordinary life!” commercials showing all the best bits.

    Devil Wears Prada looks totally like a chick flick, but the way the trailer was just an important early scene made me actually desire to know more and maybe even watch the movie! Maybe!

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