Con Fu 2006 Wrapup

First, here is a drawing.


This was drawn while I was working on the Preston Blair cartooning book. You may be able to see the influences. Just screwing around (still).

Con Fu was this weekend and though there were a lot of cancellations (this was the first con that I had a SSZ game that was cancelled due to insufficient players), it was still a successful event. The Pentathlon went over pretty well – everyone who participated walked away with something, especially since the clown who won the grand prize distributed 75% of his winnings to the other participants. This was the first con where we had three LARPS, and the Clix turnout was great, as usual. Even I played in the Mage LARP and had a surprising amount of fun. It inspired me enough to consider running a very small LARP for H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party. I think it would be fun to do a LARP about cannibalistic castaways called “Twelve Hungry Men.” Dan talked about a superhero LARP and I would be into that. Unfortunately, they double-booked the club and it was not a smooth hello. Vampire LARPers and wedding guests doing the chicken dance do not mix.
Then, as if three days of gaming wasn’t enough, I had my usual Mutants & Masterminds game tonight, though it was an intimate affair (ook) with Caleb and Mike. Extremely fun though, for me and for them. Lot’s of intrigue, investigation, and crazy characters. The players are double undercover, which is very fun to play. There was virtually no combat. There will be next session though, I can pretty much guarantee it!

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  1. Wow! You really know how to draw cute! And you call yourself a Cthulhu-ite? 🙂

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