Can I Speak With You For A Moment In Private?

I think that would be a good name for a song.

This weekend past I went into Chilliwack for a good three days. I got a CD of six new songs by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. All I have to do is put lyrics to them. It’s just a demo, but it will help us suss out the rough bits before we record them for reals. Don’t tell Warren, but I let Stewie listen to them, and he gives his stamp of approval (with comments).

I also played D&D with the old group. And when I mean the old group I mean the OLD group (but not the oldest group – that would be Ken, Garett & co). Chris, Bob & Warren and I played for over ten hours on Saturday in celebration of Chris’ birthday. I played a female halfling rogue who poisoned herself and was out of action for 6 hours because of it. Haha…ahem. Well at least I didn’t get killed like Bob’s character! Next time I’m going to make my legendary monk/wizard who specialized in touch attacks.

This weekend X3 opens and I’m going to see it at 11am at Tinseltown if anyone cares to join us (Taytay, Stewie & the gang). We’re going to play “spot the Toren.” I hope I win.

Also this weekend – Con Fu Gaming Extravaganza. Promises to be a low-key but extremely fun convention at ye olde Marpole Curling Club. Dig out your d4’s.

Thanks for all the migraine advice, y’all. No recurrence as of yet.

Here’s a test for you about the age we live in. How many can you answer without cheating?

Our current epoch is the _________ (hint: Greek for ‘entire’ and ‘new’)
Our current period is the _________ (hint:named for Latin word for ‘four at a time’)
Our current era is the _________ (hint: Greek for ‘new life’)
Our current eon is the ___________ (hint: ‘revealed life’)


6 Replies to “Can I Speak With You For A Moment In Private?”

  1. Holy Sticky Snot Bubbles! That’s very tough! I cheated and got:

    Our current epoch is the Holocene
    Our current period is the Quaternary
    Our current era is the Cenozoic
    Our current eon is the Phanerozoic

    The only one I actually knew was the era (Cenozoic) and I had to have a second coffee to remember.

    PS. I’d go to x3 with ya, but SOMEBODY has to open the Con!

  2. That bad boy is Sarcosuchus (aka Supercroc) and he lived in the Cretaceous. Twice as long as the largest living croc and ten times as heavy.

  3. I ignored the hints.

    Our current epoch is the Internet and Irony
    Our current period is the Third
    Our current era is the Human Beings
    Our current eon is the Leon

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