My Brain Hurts!

I was working on a new Horribles at work to post tonight, but at about 3pm I noticed a hole in my vision. A blind spot that is the precursor to a migraine. I’ve had 5 or 6 of them in my life. The very first was when I was working at The Book Man and I couldn’t read the titles of the books I was putting away. I was in the band Pam at the time and there was a practice at the Brotherhood of Evil Humans that night. I managed to get home and Bean was adamant about practicing even though I had the most killer of dillers of headaches. I thought that I had some kind of brain tumor and I was going to stroke or something.

The next one came probably two years later, while I was working at Macneill Library Service. I couldn’t read what was on the computer screen – which is exactly what happened today. Knowing now the warning sign that something terrible is going to descend on my head in short order, I packed up and left work. I biked home like a madman, hoping that I would be home before the headache proper hit. By the time I got home, about 30-40% of my vision was a blurry squiggly mess. I had a terrible feeling this one was going to be the worst ever – and I’ve had a couple that have been so bad I vomited.

But it turned out to be the least bad. Bad enough that I wouldn’t have been able to work, but good enough that I could sit in my room in the dark and watch Battlestar Galactica for 4 hours.

Of the half dozen migraines I’ve had, three of them were strung together over a four day period. I hope there won’t be any more this weekend because I’m planning on hanging out in Chilliwack and doing important things that require a painless brain!

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  1. Here’s to a healthy weekend. Nothing fun about serious migraines, so let’s hope it’ll be year before another one. When you’re incredibly rich and can deligate it to some poor flunky.

  2. There are some pretty decent medications to combat migranes. Medical science can certainly help out. Advil is pretty effective. There are even migrane specific painkillers on the market i.e Advil Migrane. Swing by your local pharmacy and ask the druggist. Prices are no more than $15.00. I know this ‘cuz the wife has been managing pain after the babee. Why suffer when science has a safe solution.

    Or you could always try ‘trepanning’. I’ll lend you my Dewalt cordless drill.

  3. I second trepanation. It will also get rid of any pesky insects from Shaggai living in your brain.

    On a more relevant note, I’ve had the same blindness plus headache migraines. Thankfully none of the headaches have been all that severe, just long lasting. The vision problems are generally the worst parts.

  4. Two words… advil liquigel. Take two when you start getting your “aura” (that feeling that something very bad is a’brewin in yer noggin’) and you’ll be dandy in about 20 minutes. I used to take prescriptions for migraines…. this is much cheaper.

  5. I also suffer from rare, but really painful migraines. I find that they seem to be related to a combination of stress and dehydration. If I take some tylenol and drink lots of water at the first sign, I can sometimes avoid the headache…but I will get the vision problems no matter what. The key to preventing them is to take your painkillers the second you feel warning signs.

  6. Oh my god! what is happening to you, I didn’t know this was going on. I have headaches but have never had a migraine, and noone in the family has them that I know of. I used to take tylenol a lot when I was working, but now I take Ibuprophen. Maybe you should get an eye examination. If you need help, let me know. Hugs, M.O.M.

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