I was at work this morning reminding all the nerds on the Vancouver Gaming Guild that it’s only 10 days until Con Fu, and somebody with a name tag and a clipboard came up behind me, looked at my screen, and took notes for what seemed like an hour but was probably 10-15 seconds. What do you do? It’s obvious he caught me so I wasn’t going to quickly close the window. Oh well. They don’t fire temps, do they? The shoot horses, don’t they?

Last night Caleb, Joe, Nathan and I played Monsters Menace America and I won! It’s a board game about destroying cities and it’s pretty fun. Like the Rampage video game but on a grander scale. I played a giant eye with tentacles. They didn’t have Cthulhu. But they should have.

I spent all day (after I got busted) writing lyrics at work. But those are a secret. For now.

2 Replies to “Busted!”

  1. I’ve worked my way to a corner cube, with a window and no one able to “sneak” up on me, so I can screw around like mad. I rarely have time to do so (50-60 hour week) but I could. I could!!

    Of course they are probably monitoring my Net usage, key strokes, emails…breathe…it’s okay… everything is just fine…

  2. What’s this? a huge, hairy hand pulling an enormous ape from a pile of rubble? could it be….Konk? no, but he’s been killed…oh, what’s that noise? Can that be the rough-throated sounds of the suddenly loquacious babboon swearing revenge on a grotesquely enlarged disembodied mechanical eye? is he threatening to ‘disembody’ its canal of Schlemm? I think he might be…I’ll just go in for a closer looURK!…

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