Last Week Kyle Quit the Band, Now We're Back Together

It’s free comic book day today! I’m going down to Elfsar to see what’s what and talk with some comic book artists who will be there. I need to find out what kind of paper and pens they use.

So The Thickets came close to losing a band member last week, but we will be together for at least this new album. Next week we’re recording a demo for the 6-7 songs we have so far. Then we’ll show them to friends, get feedback, and tweak them for the official recording. I want to have accordian and other whimsical instruments on this album. So if you can play something funky, let me know. We won’t be doing any more shows until further notice. Not sure about the Penny Arcade Expo either but I am hopeful. We just got our royalties checks which we’re going to put into t-shirts and whatnot.