High Above the Mucky-Muck

They shuffled us around at work this week so I’m in a cramped training room – there is no room to draw so that puts a kink in the Horribles proliferation. I’ve been having ideas but I keep forgetting to write them down. I don’t know why I haven’t learned after years of telling myself “that’s so good, there’s no way I’ll forget it” and then having no idea what was in my brain just 2 minutes ago. But there you have it.

I’ve been browsing the internet to figure out how I’m going to set up my little home recording studio. It’s going to be for me to do voiceovers in the comfort of my own home and some wee song recording. Nothing fancy, but it’s still probably going to cost me several hundred dollars to set it up. It’s extremely intimidating to read these sites because once you get past “you need a microphone” and into “get a preamp/mixer/wagglydeedoo and x software on a computer with 900 milliboobs and a cubic hectare of RAM not to mention a good soundcard” I just feel completely pummelled about the medulla oblongata. My process so far is going through a half dozen of these sites and writing down common threads among all of them. Even the amount of RAM suggested varies greatly. I’m probably going to have to consult an “expert,” luckily I probably have a line on one or two whom I have known through my musical and v/o career to date.

Meanwhile The Thickets may have been dealt a dreadful blow but I will know more in a day or two.

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  1. You still working on your Chinese?

    Chinesepod.com – go to their site to subscribe to the proper level; there’s over a hundred newbie lessons there already.

    Do you have an iPod yet? For the wide assortment of podcasts alone it is a great purchase. And you don’t need one with a heft amount of memory.

  2. I have an isopod – does that count?

    I tried some Mandarin on the lady who delivered the Chinese food the other night, but after “hello” it went downhill.

  3. so… tell us more of this dreadful blow to the Thickets? does this mean no shows in the near future? sure hope not.

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