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  1. I like the horror in the last panel of the second one.

    The first one is good, but I think the creatures are too elaborate/cutesy for an office cubicle somehow.

  2. The drawings are okay … more Spongebob-like than anything. The jokes aren’t very funny though. Well, the first one isn’t too bad, fits the Spongebobness of the characters. The second joke falls completely flat.

  3. Don’t listen to Tigger. I think number three was indeed the best. Bordering on brilliant. Not a punchline I in anyway expected. I say go for an Addams Family type-setting (gloomy, fearsome) and you’re cooking with gas! A type of netherword maybe? Think of the possibilities. Many damned souls to torture and inflict callous tricks and jokes upon. The bureaucracy of hell? Life in Limbo? Whatever.

    Don’t hold back I say. The more fearsome the better. That’s what made ‘The ‘Addams Family’ so good. A total abandonment of expected common decency. The anti-‘Family Circus’ if you will.

    Looks good man. Keep at it.

  4. Originally for a setting I was thinking of some kind of castle. I haven’t given it much thought really, but now I will! I do like the idea of them being in…The Nether Regions. Plus: double entendre.

  5. I always saw them existing in some terrible, nasty corner of some super-sugary happy happy land. Wherever the Little Ponies or Care Bears or Teletubbies live, there’s an evil, dark little hill with a castle, and these poor little outcasts from Cuteville hang out there. Like jocks versus nerds, only the jocks are super cute animals and the nerds are these things. The bloodshed will be awesome.

    Oh, and don’t listen to Tigger. :p

  6. He could listen to me, since I’m not just backpatting him for the sake of patting his back. He needs a little bit of criticism. Not simply worship.

    The idea is great. He just needs to choose a good assortment of characters. And he needs a good setting. The irony of the setting Stewie suggests would be perfect. But to make it work, you’ll need one or two cute characters to bridge the two dissimilar communities, to highlight their differences.

    And I’m quite serious about modeling this in some respects on Spongebob. I see this project in my mind’s eye animated rather than as a strip comic.

    Why not practice your talents on some voices for these characters? It would be very cool to hear a voice to go along with the drawn characters.

  7. I want criticism, I just think you’re totally off the mark, Tigger_Too.I will take the advice of my talented, intelligent, discerning friends whose real names I know.

  8. Squarebob spongepants?

    I was thinking Nightmare before Christmas meets Where the Wild Things are… cept cuter

    I want to hear voices too!

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