Put the Cabbage in the Bag!

Did a couple more “Horribles” toons today, which I will post in their rough state as always. So far of the three jokes only one was one I’d been saving up, so that’s a good sign. In the meantime you can revel in recaps:

Over the Easter weekend I had precious little chocolate. A shame, really. But on Monday we played Power Enterprise/Mutants & Masterminds and that was fine ‘n’ dandy. I went to Joe’s on Saturday for a Dr Who party and we ended up watching three episodes of Penn & Teller’s you-know-what, featuring intelligent design, self help via walking on coals etc, and something else. The classic Dr Who we watched was “The Green Death” which was entertaining. Other than that I had a good weekend with lots of ‘me’ time. Me ‘n’ Kodos, drawing, playing video games, watching TV (ST: Nemesis was on TV), listening to the rain. I wonder if it gets that dull in prison. You wouldn’t get a cat though. Would you? Maybe if it’s a cat convicted of second degree murder.

Holy hand grenades, I almost forgot that we played with the Hanson Brothers on Thursday in Langley. That was fun. I went with Marlo and Joe and Pat and Mel. The Slangers and Dan & Natascha were there and some friends of Marlo’s too. We performed well enough – broke out into a country & western ditty which seemed apt considering we were playing at 8 Seconds Country Cabaret – and then we watched the Hanson Brothers. We had been booked at the Asbalt on Friday but nobody had confirmed it with me so by the time I saw the posters, it was too late for some of us (not me) to reneg on other responsibilities and actually play the show. I don’t know if we’ll be playing with NMN while Warren is back in town. Try as I might, I’ve been told they already have other bands opening for them on their tour. They’re supposibly coming out with a new album this year.

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  1. On the subject of Dr. Who…

    The new series started last Saturday here in the UK. The new guy, David Tennant, throws himself into it with all the enthusiasm you’d expect from a new Doctor.

    And in a couple of weeks – the triumphant return of the Cybermen…

  2. Word from deep inside the mothercorp is that the Dr. will be starting up season (or series as those crazy brits say) two here in Canada on June 20th.

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