Karaoke Revolution

On Saturday Joe invited me to a house party at Pat’s, so I finished up my French maid drawing for Kelly and headed out to Burnaby. The party, not unexpectedly, had some annoying drunks, as drunks tend to be, but it had an X-Box game called Karaoke Revolution, which was stupidly fun. It comes with 2 microphones. You can just sing with the songs like normal karaoke, but you can also play for points. It’s pretty sophisticated in that it tracks how well you sing along with the little on-screen bars that signify where to start and stop singing, and change your pitch. It tells you (with a little arrow) if you’re flat, sharp, or completely off the mark. Depending on the skill level of the game (and of you), that can be helpful or annoying. If you do well, you can go “gold” or “platinum.” Typically you play with two people singing the same lines at the same time. You can also do “true” duets. There were a lot of sucky songs, but we got to do some Men at Work, some Police, and Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” with the crazy falsettos. Joe and I also nailed Cindi Lauper’s “Time After Time” with 100% – a diamond score! You also custom design your character and can choose the venue that you perform,m which is fun. I took a photo of me in my giant furry costume, which I’ll post tomorrow…BECAUSE…I purchased a digital camera in the afternoon. And I took the opportunity of being unsocial at a party by putting it together and figuring out how to use it while everyone else was talking and drinking. Go me!

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