Greyhound Bus to Chocolatetown

While I was sitting in the Greyhound station in Chilliwack yesterday waiting for my land ferry back to Vancouver, a large spider started strolling across the tile-white expanse of floor. There was a family-a moderately attractive young lady, her dad, and her mom who the gal was going to look exactly like in 20 years-a few feet away and the mom kept saying “go step on it.” I wanted to say “stupid lady…that spider is going to save you from the west nile virus by eating hundreds of mosquitos” which, though fun to say, would probably be wholly inaccurate since while I didn’t recognize the species it looked more like an active hunter than the kind that builds a big web to passively catch prey. It started to head towards an old couple so before it got there I got up and grabbed it with my ticket and transported it outside where it probably got run over by a car. Sadly no hot girls hung on my neck swooning over my heroic act so I just fell asleep on the bus despite a high dose of caffeine. I’m funny that way.