Just Send Me the Blow Up Dolls

I think it actually takes less time to get to work on bike than on the bus. Crazy.

My current art job is over. On to the next – pinups for Bad Girl chocolates. I spent all of my time on my computer and at my drawing board this weekend, and the forecast for the next 5 evenings is the same. Some of my time spent has been putting profiles up on stupid stupid dating sites that I hate. I registered a week or two ago on lavalife but did nothing else. Not even browsed. As soon as I filled out the few fields necessary to have an account on the site I felt so disgusted I closed Firefox. Then a couple days ago they sent me an email with free credits (enough to contact two people) so I put up my profile and poked around a bit. It’s very difficult to put up a positive “hey look at me! I’m so awesome, I’m single!” profile when that’s pretty much the opposite of what you’re feeling, and you hate the fact that you’re even on the site. There’s this one question on OKCupid – “are you happy with your life?” which is a trick question that I refuse to answer. Another way to phrase that question is “are you happy you’re looking for meaningful companionship on the internet?”

Throw up.

One Reply to “Just Send Me the Blow Up Dolls”

  1. I just want to say that the girl you sent me was pretty much perfect.

    When I saw here I found myself jumping up and down and squeeing, but then I had to stop because that’s not very dignified.

    I’m so excited she’s going to be my new business logo and I can hardly wait to see the others.


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