I have set up an online store for myself at 

There is nothing there yet. But there will be…there will be. I’ll be selling stuff with my art on it. Specifically I’m thinking “Where the Great Old Ones Are” mugs and mousepads. I know that cafepress has crappy shirts so I won’t be doing any of that. I want to do a design for a clock. That would be fun. I’m sure more ideas will come to me but until then, can you think of anything from my past repertoire, or an idea you have that you need drawn that you want to go 50/50 on?

Come on, now’s your big chance!

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  1. You should consider making a cool logo with your powerful artist kung-fu…or maybe some shirts of your more popular (and visual) songs.

    Some songs that would make cool shirts:

    1. My Tank
    2. Big Robot Dinosaur
    3. Thousand Fists
    4. The Math Song (Thickets logo on the front and the actual equation on the back of the shirt would rule)
    5. Kablam!
    6. Hookworm
    7. Jimmy the Squid…

    You get the idea.


  2. Where the Old Ones Are will fit great on a mug – we’ve had mugs made through cafe press at work, so I’ve seen the results.

    In general their shirts are of a thin quality, but I haven’t tried their black t-shirts (which are new and are actually screened.)

    I’d also like to recommend pulling the individual Where the Great Old Ones out of the picture and putting them on buttons.

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