Mr Hard Nipples

I don’t know what the deal is in this building, but every time I catch my reflection, I’ve got hard nipples. No sir, I don’t like it. I don’t want to be the guy known for hard nipples. Am I going to have to tape them down like in Yentl? (Am I even getting the reference right?)

So this morning I had a dream that I met this girl on a bus, she was a bit chubby and short but otherwise she looked a bit like Julianne Moore with fiery red short hair, and we went to see a film with everyone else on the bus and she started making out with me. Just when things were getting good she turned into a cat. Then some other cat and Kodos showed up and it turned into a dream about me trying to keep cats from killing eachother. What a disappointment.

It was snowing hard when I went to bed, but now it’s melting. Melllllllllltinnnnng what a world!

“Ba” is Mandarin for “8.” Around here, because there are a lot of toll-free lines being dictated to customers, and because we have Chinese customer support staff, you hear a lot of “ba ba ba…” which always makes me think of a one year old reaching futilely for the shiny, primary-coloured plastic shapes on his mobile above the crib.

I was thinking about having people over tonight to watch Network or something. I know it’s short notice but let me know if you’re interested. And I can’t check email during the daytime so just comment here.

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