I'm not a religious man, but…

…I think that the greatest evidence that there is a god is the fact that we haven’t discovered life in outer space yet. We haven’t discovered all of the species on Earth yet we’re quite content to destroy it at every turn. Thankfully life on other planets has been spared our medusa’s gaze (not for our lack of trying).

3 Replies to “I'm not a religious man, but…”

  1. Oh really.

    As for destroying species, nature has done that quite well in the past without us. Nature, and giant asteroids. And how exactly is nature itself going to protect the planet from giant ansteroids in the future?

    By making man. Technology is going to save every fluffy bunny you wring your hands over, as long as we progress forward and keep watching the skies.

  2. I have been following the Enceladus story, which led me to make the post. Your point seems to be that mankind can nurture life on this and other planets. My point doesn’t dispute that, necessarily, because your point focuses on the future and mine on the present and past. If there were both life and oil on Mars, you know which the richest and most powerful countries on Earth would have their eyes and dollars trained on to the exclusion of all else. And the administration(s) aren’t going to be putting money into Project: Astrosmash to protect fluffy bunnies. Sisters are doin’ it for themselves. Fluffy bunnies and black rhinos should be thankful for collateral survival, that is when we’re not destroying their habitat or killing them for a small part of their bodies that have unproven medicinal effects.

  3. Hey, I don’t see fluffy bunnies and black rhinos doing anything to protect us from anything. They should be happy for what they get.

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